Welcome! The StagePro™ software program is an interactive app for stage managers and directors to communicate and manage various aspects of producing a show, including planning, blocking, and calling the show. The StagePro™ system is available both as an app and as a website to make every production run smoother. With electronic scripts and stage diagrams, information can be shared easily across the phones, tablets and laptops of the entire production team! The StagePro™ app is for people who want to simplify stage management. There is nothing else like it on the market today!

Curious? Sign up now for free! You can try the sample script and stages that come with the StagePro™ app. Or do you want to use it for your own production? Give us at least a week before you begin rehearsals. We will work with you and your theatrical licensing company/copyright owner to convert your script into a compatible electronic format.

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           Video Overview

The menu layout of StagePro™ system is organized into three main menu areas as follows:


Theater or venue managing all the productions.
  • Contacts – Your global address list.
  • Productions - Review information about current and past shows.
  • Preferences – Customize StagePro to your theatre’s needs.
  • Calendar – Schedule performances, rehearsals, meetings, etc.


One you have permission* to use your show, import it into the StagePro system
  • Learn - Select a bookmark, view by role or scene.
  • View - Review a script that has been imported.
  • Import – Authors bring your scripts into the app.
  • Select – Choose the script for that you imported.
Note: Permission is required from the theatrical licensing company providing your show to use StagePro system.

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Stage Managers and Directors Manage your productions.
  • StagePro Users – Setup each StagePro user’s permissions
  • Crew + Crew – Assign your team and generate sign-in sheets.
  • To Do – Share and manage tasks.
  • Meeting Notes – Use categories to organize meetings.
  • Props – Put in quantity, scene, make, buy, storage.
  • Stages – Import your own stages.
  • Avatars – Assign symbols to characters and ensembles for blocking
  • Blocking – Position characters on stages or use quick notations
  • Rehearsal Notes – Track each character’s progress per line.
  • Cues – Setup light, sound, projection cues.
  • Call Show – Using your assigned cues.
  • Reports – Create PDFs and email notes.